Our most delicious collab with Chow Cacao

A sweet addition to the Three Blue Ducks, we’ve collaborated with Chow Cacao on a new range of chocolate bars! The delicious flavour combinations (Hazelnut Butter Crunch, Crunchy Mint and Fennel Macadamia Buckwheat Crunch) make use of some of our bi-products.

To kick off the collab, our chefs headed to Chow Cacao (just five minutes from our Byron restaurant) to get the lowdown on chocolate making, then it was time to hit the kitchen and start experimenting with different flavour combinations. Each bar is made from fair-trade cocao nibs and raw coconut sugar, then they tried adding other ingredients, like roasted fennel seeds, buckwheat and macadamia nuts, or spent lemon powder and sea salt.

They sprinkled the chocolate moulds with the ingredients by hand and when the chocolate was tempered, poured over the mix and set in the fridge. The chocolates were then taken from the moulds and packaged by hand, ready to be enjoyed.

We love that each TBD X Chow Cacao bar is handmade using organic sustainable ingredients, plus the packaging is printed with vegetable inks so its completely recyclable. Oh, and they taste bloody epic!

TBD X Chow Cacao bars are available now online or in our restaurants. взять деньги в долг на карту