A Wild Wednesdays pizza cook-off!

What’s the tastiest way to find a new pizza for our Wild Winter Wednesdays menu? Challenge our chefs to a cook-off in the Rosebery kitchen! The crew faced off in a pizza-making contest this week and the results were next-level. (We tried at least a few pieces of each to be sure… Washed down with a Young Henrys coldie, of course!)

Here’s the combos they came up with…

– Carlos: Spicy capsicum sauce, eggplant, garden herbs, smoked mozzarella
– Joe: Heirloom tomato base, balsamic onion, blue cheese, grilled red onion, rocket, walnuts
– Jay: Pesto, spinach, blue cheese, mozzarella, poached pear, pine oil
– Sophie: Grilled pineapple, wood-smoked mozzarella, jamón, rocket
– Farrell: Wood-fire roasted tomato sauce, sesame seed balsamic onions, coffee rub brisket, goat’s cheese, pine nuts, rocket
– Thien: Tomato, local speck, grilled onions, dehydrated olives, rocket, shaved parmesan
– Lars: Buffalo mozzarella, jamón, artichokes, chilli oil

Wanna taste the pizza that took the top gong? You’ll be able to try the winner yourself at our upcoming Wild Winter Wednesdays launch on June 5th.



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