Byron partners with Kuppa to reduce waste

Every year, Aussies use more than 1 billion takeaway coffee cups that end up in landfill. That’s why we love it when you bring your own keep cup to The Ducks! But we also know that sometimes, when you’re on-the-go or travelling, keep cups can be tricky. That’s why our restaurant at Byron has partnered with local company Kuppa.

Haven’t got a keep cup and don’t want to wander around The Farm with a ceramic one? We’re now offering a new eco-friendly alternative to single-use takeaway cups…

Here’s how the Kuppa cup works:

1.  Order your coffee from Three Blue Ducks at The Farm.
2. Borrow a Kuppa cup and pay a $3 deposit.
3. Enjoy your coffee on the go from your reusable cup.
4. Return your Kuppa to the Ducks (or any local participating cafe) and get your $3 back.

Kuppa cups are made from recyclable PP (Polypropylene) and are BPA (Bisphenol) free. They’re also super durable – one Kuppa cup can be used at least 1000 times before getting recycled, saving one single use cup every time. That’s a big reduction in waste! займ