Checking on Bronte's bee hives

It was buzzing in the Bronte garden bee hives this week! Chef Edmée and barista Ed welcomed Beth from the Sydney Bee Club to share some of her incredible bee-keeping wisdom. They wanted to check the hives to make sure there was enough food for the bees to survive winter.

Decked out in beekeeping suit and armed with a ‘smoker’ to help calm the bees, the team went in under Beth’s close guidance to open the hives. What they discovered was that they’ll have to add some honeycakes in the hives to keep the bees fed. Then, hopefully, as the weather warms, we can expect a bounty of sweet honey!

The generous crew from the Sydney Bee Club will be back later this month to check on the brood box (where the baby bees live) and make sure our population is thriving! займ