New TBD X Church Farm spent coffee soap

We go through a lot of coffee beans at The Ducks and we’re always looking at new ways to use our spent coffee. Well, it turns out, coffee works really well in soap, thanks to its nifty exfoliating properties. So, we teamed up with our good friends from Church Farm General Store, who make awesome handmade soap, to collaborate and put all that spent coffee to use.

The TBD X Church Farm spent coffee soaps are made from plant-based oils, natural clays and essential oils. We collect the spent coffee from our baristas, give it to Church Farm and they add it to the soaps. We tried a whole bunch of combinations, such as coffee with orange and coffee with lemon myrtle, which we gave to our staff to try! After they all scrubbed up, the most popular was the spent coffee with lemon myrtle, so thats what we decided to run with.

We love that these soaps are made using a product that would otherwise go to waste, and with the help of some lovely friends of ours! You can find them for sale in the retail sections of our restaurants at Byron, Bronte and Rosebery. взять деньги в долг на карту