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This is the story of a family wanting to live a simpler life and a farm built with the involvement of the local community. The Farm at Byron Bay has become a diverse community of its own, made up of organic growers, chefs, bakers – all connected by the common values of simplicity, sustainability and farm-fresh food.

The Farm Community by Emma and Tom Lane is for anyone who craves connection: connection with where food comes from and connection with community. Something wonderful happens when you work in a community of people pulled together by a common goal. There is a certain misconception around the idea of going it alone and the satisfaction that solo achievements can bring. But many of the world’s greatest achievements have only been accomplished through the help of a community.

Alongside tales of the people who have helped to make The Farm what it is today, you will find simple steps to living more sustainably, whether in the city, the suburbs or the countryside. The book includes rewarding projects like making your own compost bucket, companion planting and drying flowers, as well as recipes collected from across The Farm’s community, celebrating a shared love of growing and cooking.

The Farm Community is a book about how real change can happen when people come together. In its pages, you’ll find stories, recipes and projects collected through the connections we have created on The Farm: a working farm with a deep passion for real food and wellbeing at its heart.

The Farm Community is about the joy of simple living, and you can taste the difference in every bite.

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