Restaurant Closures & Update

Tomorrow the 5th day of 2022, our restaurants will be closed in Byron, Rosebery and Melbourne, all the result of massive staff shortages thanks to COVID.

Our produce store/bakery/ take away store in Byron will remain open providing our customers with coffee, food, pastries takeaway brekkie rolls, and we’ll also fire up the bar so we can do what’s left to do, drink!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our staff over the past two years since this thing broke. We have lost count how many times we have opened and closed venues since then.

Now our teams are all sick, tired, overwhelmed, understaffed when all they are trying to do is bring a little joy to people’s every day lives and make a living too.

It’s been really hard the past few months. Our teams can’t work from home, so they continue to make coffee, wash dishes, cook fish, shake cocktails, take orders, bake bread and do it all with a smile on their face. It’s not fucking fair, on them or our industry that employs more people than oil, mining and banking combined.

We will push to reopen as staff return from isolation. All you legends that have worked with us and for us we salute you, thanks for keeping the dream alive.

We will be back to give it another crack as soon as we possibly can!

Apologies to anyone who’s bookings we’ve had to cancel and we hope to welcome you soon, somewhere x