Take 3 for Byron!

When it comes to finding a solution for plastic pollution, Take 3 for the Sea is encouraging all of us to partake in one simple action that’s bloody effective: Take three pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach and you have made a difference.

Up north, Take 3 for the Sea have teamed up with the Byron Shire Council to create Take 3 for Byron, urging locals and the beach’s 2 million+ visitors to preserve Byron’s natural beauty by taking rubbish with them when they go.

Why is it so important? An estimated 8 million tonnes (!) of waste plastic enters the ocean every year. And many animals mistakenly ingest that plastic because it looks like food, causing injury, suffocation, starvation and often death.

Take 3 for Byron has already seen 13,400 pieces of rubbish collected through the Take 3 for Byron initiative, and each one helps the Byron Shire Council achieve their goal of a 40% reduction in litter by 2020.


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