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“All we’ve ever wanted is to cook with good mates, enjoy nature and put a smile on people’s faces.”

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The Ducks is a great story of food, born in the surf! It all started with three good mates travelling the world, cultivating ideas around a better, more sustainable approach to eating and living. During this time, with a shared belief for cooking food that is delicious and ethical, Three Blue Ducks was hatched.

We returned to Bronte to enjoy the coastal surf lifestyle and soon our crew of three grew to six. We became friends organically over our love of sharing great food with no frills, cooking, fishing and surfing together, whilst maintaining an ethical and sustainable business that we are amazingly proud of to this day!

Since opening our flagship Three Blue Ducks restaurant in Bronte, we’ve opened an authentic and relaxed range of dining venues in Byron Bay, Rosebery, Brisbane, Melbourne and Nimbo.

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Mark Labrooy

“I still get a kick out creating dishes from something I caught myself or picked with my own hands.”

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Chris Sorrell

“You have to have fun doing what you love.”

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Sam Reid-Boquist

I’m fortunate that I get to work with my friends by the ocean.

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Jeff Bennett

“I needed a change and was lucky enough to find something I love with like-minded friends.”

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Darren Robertson

Honest, simple, tasty food, cooked and enjoyed with great drinks shared with family and friends, that’s why I’m here.”

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Andy Allen

“I still get a kick out of people enjoying our food everyday”

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Sam Morton

“Learning every day working with amazing produce and people is what inspires me.”

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Mem Hemmings

“I’ve loved exploring the country’s amazing and varied wine regions, discovering as much as I can about Australia’s wine industry.”

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Stephanie Brodeur

“I love making our clients happy and I know this is exactly where I am meant to be.” 

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Katy Ferguson

“There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing an event all fall into place.”

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Paul Dewhurst

“I love the freedom, culture and energy that surrounds The Ducks.”

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Pawel Klodowski

“If you really love what you do and have a passion for what you do, it’s not really a job.”

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Neil Walkington

” I’ve dedicated my life to the hospitality industry “

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Mark Hannell

“I want to share my passion and love for the industry”

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Francesco Mauro

“My story starts in the northeast of Italy…”

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Lucy Young

“Love of community is what brought me to the Ducks”

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Michael LeCouteur

“I like the Ducks’ creativity and cooking style”

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Lindsay Soady

“I love the variety of work & the work/life balance on offer!”

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Our Values

We encourage you to grow what you can, buy food mindfully, buy it locally, cook it thoughtfully and waste nothing where you can. 

At Three Blue Ducks, we stand by a set of principles that encourage us to continuously reinvent the wheel and ensure that we implement ethical and sustainable business practices on all levels. We work with honest suppliers we like who have the best quality produce.

We are committed to creating interesting dishes, banging with flavour that is simple and a bit rough around the edges. We are less white tablecloth dining and more come-as-you-are kind of vibe. It’s a Duck thing!

Our Friends

Partners & Producers

Sometimes it’s not straightforward to pick the most ethical ingredient. There’s food miles, farming practices – grass fed vs. grain fed, free range, sustainable species, line caught fish, farmed fish, packaging, GMO, organic etc. There’s no simple way to decide the “best” ingredient given all these categories, but we do consider them when putting a dish together and we do try and get it right.  If we can all be a little more conscious of these issues and make more informed decisions, then we believe it can only be a good thing for our planet.

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