Daz’s homemade kimchi!

Chef & Co-owner Darren Robertson’s homemade kimchi is one for the books, not only is kimchi pretty damn delicious it is fantastic for your gut & heart health! Win win!

You will need:

100g course sea salt

2lt water

1 wombok

100g rice flour

800ml water

Soy mix

3 tbsp soy

3 tbsp fish sauce

5 cloves garlic

4-5 cm knob ginger

100g gochugara (Korean chilli powder)

5 green shallots

To make:

Day 1:

Mix the 2lt water and salt.

Slice cabbage, cover in brine, leave in fridge overnight.

To make chilli paste, boil 800ml of water, add rice flour, cook whilst stirring until it resembles wallpaper paste.

Take off, add chilli, soy, fish sauce, grated garlic & ginger. Leave to cool.

 Day 2

Strain cabbage, squeeze out all excess moisture.

Pop in a big bowl, fold in chopped green shallot and chilli paste.

Fill a jar or two.

Leave on your kitchen bench for to ferment.

This should take around 4- 6 days, longer if you want it to taste like you’re licking a battery.

Carefully open the lid daily to release excess gas. Do this outside or over the sink if you don’t want to get into trouble for wreaking the new kitchen.


Daz added some sliced carrot, Three Blue Ducks chilli salt and some more hot sauce for an extra tickle. Sliced daikon, baby radish or seaweed works well too.

View the full video HERE