Daz’s Prawn Massaman Curry

Chef & Co-owner Darren Robertson’s prawn Massaman curry is an absolute HIT with this family, so he wanted to share with you lovely lot!

You will need:
12 prawns deveined (de-shelled)
Handful of baby spuds (cooked)
1 bunch of young garlic or baby leek
Heaps of curry leaves
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
Decent amount of ghee
Tom paste
1 tin of coconut cream
2 tbls of yogurt
Pinch of cloves, cardamom, garam masala, nutmeg, lime, cori & chamomile
2 big tbls of Three Blue Ducks Curry Paste

To make:
Fry the curry leaves, garlic & baby leek in ghee till crispy & then set aside.
Throw in the prawn shells, sauté, add a little tom paste, then brown off a little & add coconut & a little potato cooking liquor.
Cook for 5 then strain.
In the same pan add the Ducks Red Curry Paste, the prawn stock & spices.
Pop in your sliced spuds & prawns, once just cooked, throw over the yogurt & the crispy curry leaves with the garlic, lime & cori.

Voila, now serve with rice & popadoms & you’re in for a good old ‘cuzza’ night!