Ducks Perks!

Aside from working at a legendary venue and restaurant group, there are some added perks for working at the Ducks.


In-venue dining –  50% off the total bill (applies for tables of up to 4) but additional people in your party pay full price (e.g booking of 10 pax, first 4 pay 50% and the rest pay 100%)

Retail – 50% off all fresh produce made by the Ducks, 10% off all other products

URBNSURF – 20% off each session, book online & let the URBNSURF staff know you’re a Duck

NIMBO – 20% off lodging, upon check-in let the team know you’re a Duck

Staff meals:

Casual – If you are rostered to open the venue, breakfast will be provided free of charge.

If staff wish to eat a Ducks meal during their break, they must purchase it via a manager prior to the break, this meal will be discounted by 50%.

Contracted –  One daily meal included in their salary package, these options will be a few select meals provided by the kitchen or produce store (in Byron) If contracted staff wish to purchase an additional meal or drinks, they will be charged at a reduced rate of 50%.

Everyone – Free coffee/tea with a keep cup or dine in cup (subject to how busy the venue is). One free ‘staffie’ a glass of wine, beer, cider or soft drink (no spirits), to be consumed on-site after your shift has finished.

Training sessions & tips

Training sessions – Apart from in-house sessions, these will be held mid-week in the evenings (usually with a glass of vino)

Tips – If you work within the venue you get a share of the tips, the whole weeks’ tips are added together and divided by how many hours you have worked.

Socials & end of the year PARTY!

Aside from the epic end of summer party (usually around Feb/March) each venue is always putting on a social event, from a beer tour, dinners or fun day out – keep an eye on deputy for details.

Referral bonus

If you know someone who would be an epic Duck, if successfully hired you will receive a referral bonus

Successfully hired – Once they successfully roll off their probation (contract), they must have worked somewhat regularly over a six-month period (casual)

Bonus amount – Full-time employee -$1,000, Casual employee -$200

Process – The CV must be emailed to our current HR manager