Rosters & House policy


We typically publish our rosters a week in advance, using Deputy, please download the app as we use this platform for all daily communications and announcements too.

Sickness and Shift Coverage Policy:

If you are unable to fulfil your scheduled shift due to illness, it is imperative to inform the manager on duty as soon as possible. Check the Deputy app to ascertain which member of management is currently working, their contact details can be obtained through the platform.

You MUST inform the manager on duty by phone call, if the manager does not answer, a text message must be sent as a follow-up. It is important to keep the management team updated on any changes to your health status, including an estimated return to work date if possible. Being transparent and honest about the reason for taking time off work due to illness can help the management team better understand and accommodate any current or ongoing needs. In the event that you are unable to attend work due to illness for more than one day, a medical certificate is required to be sent to the venue manager and HR department, please refer to the welcome pack for more information.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled shift, it is appropriate to make efforts to secure coverage as soon as possible. You may consult the internal WhatsApp group to determine who is working and who is not, or reach out directly via email to the venue manager or assistant venue manager for assistance.

Time off and Unavailability.

For regular ongoing unavailability, it is necessary to input this information into Deputy in a timely manner. Alongside the Deputy request you must send a corresponding email to your line manager and wait for their acknowledgement of your email. In the case that you are unable to input an unavailability due to a pencilled shift, it is mandatory to email both the venue manager and assistant venue manager for assistance resolving this.

The more notice you can give for time off requests the better, but the minimum expectation
for Three Blue Ducks staff is two weeks. As a casual employee, you are not entitled to annual leave pay. However, you are able to take time off. When you require an extended absence, it is necessary to input the unavailability into Deputy as “UNAVAILABILITY” (not “Leave Request.”) A courtesy email must also be sent to the venue manager and assistant venue manager