Andy’s Beer Mustard Pickles

Old mate Andy is back at it again, but this time he’s pimped up pickles, which go perfectly with his burger cook-up!

The perfect addition to burgers, sandwiches, salads, grazing boards…the possibilities are endless.

Andy’s Clip:

Check out the full video HERE


1kg zucchini

100g cooking salt

750g white vinegar

550g caster sugar

2tbs Three Blue Ducks beer mustard

1/2tbs turmeric powder

1tbs coriander seeds

Now time to make:

Slice the zucchinis into 2mm rounds, whack them into a large bowl and mix through the salt (looks like heaps of salt, but trust us, you squeeze it all out)

Leave the zucchinis for 30mins and you’ll see the liquid come out, squeeze as much as you can and then place the zucchinis in a separate bowl

Bring the vinegar, sugar, Duck’s beer mustard, turmeric powder and coriander seeds to a boil. Take off the heat and leave to cool, then pour over the zucchini and store in jars!

Voilà you’re a MasterChef!