Andy’s Dish – Burnt Cabbage

Andy’s Dish is a cracker! – Burnt cabbage, smoked tomato butter, crispy pork skin (GF) 

“If you havent tried burnt cabbage before – its a thing!

The reason I chose this dish was because it was a dish that I created for a masterclass on MasterChef. I was asked to complete the ‘Mystery Box’ challenge from the previous week and show the contestants what I would do if I was in their shoes. The box consisted of dark chocolate, a pork chop, tomatoes, cabbage, flat leaf parsley, lemon and ciabatta.

Naturally I was drawn to the cabbage, as I think its epic how much flavour you can get out of it if you roast and blacken it properly. Next I had to think about what sauce would go with it. Burnt cabbage loves butter, so I started to think what kind of butter sauce I could create with the rest of the ingredients.

One of the first sauces I ever made in a Ducks kitchen, was a delicious tomato butter, back when we had the restaurant in Falls Creek. Because I didnt have any onion or garlic, I thought if I smoked the tomatoes it would give the sauce a bit more body. 

Lastly for some texture, some crispy pork skin-because it cant be a bad thing.”

Look out for this recipe at all of our locations, starting at Three Blue Ducks in Melbourne on the 23rd March. The MasterChef episode should air in late April.