Nimbo needs you!

Our quaint little restaurant, based at NIMBO Fork Lodge, hidden away in the stunning Snowy Mountains, is looking for fresh, hungry and talented chefs and restaurant managers! Kitchen - we have both head chef and junior chef roles available, as NIMBO is a small 40 seat restaurant, this is the perfect place to slow down [...]

Nimbo needs you!2022-04-28T02:30:25+00:00

Daz’s Dish – Stracciatella

Daz's Dish - Stracciatella, pickled melon, Davidson plum and fennel crunch Another fresh curd fruit number, a typical TBDS dish. It’s a little nod to our beloved wine bar Oma, where we served melon with Davison plum salt and chilli and had a little stracciatella dish with pickled peaches alongside some cracking natural wines. It’s [...]

Daz’s Dish – Stracciatella2022-03-16T04:23:51+00:00

Mark’s Dish – Murray Cod

Nimbo - Mark's Dish - Peri-peri glazed Murray cod, almond cream, heirloom tomato, radish, mint and cucumber salad I was spearfishing in the Coral Sea a few weeks back and came across a really nice Green Jobfish at a depth of around 20m of water, they’re tricky little buggers to shoot but I smoked this [...]

Mark’s Dish – Murray Cod2022-03-07T02:19:26+00:00