Daz’s Hot Sauce Recipe

Chef & Co-owner Darren Robertson’s fermented hot sauce is made from the Lemon Drop Chilli Plants in his garden. The plants are going nuts and producing more than old mate and his family can eat!

Being a true Duck and never letting anything go to waste, Daz has preserved these citrusy and very spicy chilli’s and turned them into a tasty hot sauce.

To make the sauce, Daz, picked off the tips and fermented them in a jar in 3% salt solution for a touch over 2 weeks with a few large red chilis and garlic, blitzed them in the Thermo then bottled up!

Whack on tacos, in curries, chilli jam or fried eggs, basically anything you fancy!

See full video HERE

You will need:

2 large red chillis

100g pineapple

HEAPS of lemon drop chilli (approx 80)

3% salt solution (filtered water)

2 cloves garlic

1 jar

(Something to submerge the chilis, Daz used the outer leaves of sweetcorn)

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