Daz’s Dish – Stracciatella

Daz’s Dish – Stracciatella, pickled melon, Davidson plum and fennel crunch

Another fresh curd fruit number, a typical TBDS dish. It’s a little nod to our beloved wine bar Oma, where we served melon with Davison plum salt and chilli and had a little stracciatella dish with pickled peaches alongside some cracking natural wines. It’s a pretty epic way to kick off a meal and great for sharing too!

We’ve had watermelons growing at the farm so thought it would be nice to use melon for this dish, we ferment the rinds for a salty crunch as well as sweetness off the melon itself.

The green oil is another classic Ducks way of using excess herb stalks, which we go through many at the restaurant, it also brings a fresh vibrancy to the dish.

The Davison plum fennel crunch gives the dish texture, the base is fried sourdough crumbs which also allows us to use up bread trimmings in the restaurants, we season this with roasted crushed coriander, fennel seeds, chilli flakes and dehydrated Davison plum powder for a little tang which we mix with Olsson’s flaked salt.

We’ve collaborated with our mates at Olsson’s Salts in South Australia, with a Davidson plum salt which guests will be able to purchase online in April (WATCH THIS SPACE). PLUS, Our stracciatella dish will be available at all of our venues in the next few weeks!