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Our Ducks Mission!

Our central belief is that having a connection to each other, and the planet is essential for a fulfilling life. To align with this belief, we have made it our mission to create a dining experience that brings people together and connects them to the source of their food. We believe that by serving well-considered food in a beautiful and informal setting, we can inspire our staff and guests to think more about the food they eat, cook, and purchase. This can lead to meaningful benefits for both the planet and the individual. We take great pride in our guests and staff leaving our restaurants with a smile on their faces, feeling energised to make more sustainable and local food choices.

At Three Blue Ducks, we understand that our success is only possible because of our highly talented and dedicated staff. Therefore, we maintain a professional environment that showcases the skills of our employees and allows them to pursue their ambitions. We work with individuals who share our passion for sustainable food and drink and who provide a relaxed and genuine approach to service.

We are on a continuous journey to grow and learn alongside our staff, growers, producers, and local communities. We aim to embrace sustainable and cultural movements that will make a real difference now and in the future. This requires a commitment to the education and training of our staff and the implementation of real action by our exceptional management team. We believe that fostering creativity in the workplace and providing opportunities for growth is crucial for delivering an evolving and interesting experience for both our patrons and employees.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide an unforgettable dining experience that is grounded in respect for the planet and people. Sharing ideas, stories, and discoveries over good food and wine with friends is what brings us the greatest joy and it is something we want to share with everyone who walks through our doors, whether they be customers or employees.