Ducks Uniform Guidelines

Front of House Staff

-A Three Blue Ducks apron and Duck’s white/black tee during day shifts
-An Assembly Label white linen shirt on evening and event shifts
-Suitable bottoms – jeans, trousers, mid-length or longer shorts, skirts, dresses, or overalls

Kitchen Staff

-All chefs and KPs wear a Three Blue Ducks white/black tee and a grey Three Blue Ducks apron
-Chefs and KPs to wear suitable bottoms – chef trousers, jeans, mid-thigh shorts or longer shorts

Front of House & Kitchen

-Please ensure you and your uniform are clean and tidy. Uniforms need to be cleaned and ironed every shift.
-Extra tees & aprons will be available to purchase on the day if yours is not presentable
-For Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) reasons all staff must wear socks with closed-in trainers, shoes, or boots.