Ducks Wine Ethos!

The Ducks is all about enjoying food and drink with your mates and loved ones. At the heart of Three Blue Ducks are the people; the roasters, brewers, winemakers and distillers. Our aim is to share what real food and beverage means to us, by showcasing the best quality local suppliers. We source ethically made, independently produced beverages to compliment your dining experience in all of our locations.


All the wine we offer at Three Blue Ducks reflects our ethos…

-We focus on wines made from grapes grown using organic or biodynamic practices in the vineyard. If it’s good for the earth, it gets our backing!

-The wines we sell are all high-quality wines – it just comes down to personal taste.

-We buy from smaller, independent winemakers and wineries. Wines on our list are made with integrity and the utmost care.

-We support the local Aussie wine industry. Aiming for low ‘food miles’ means we offer a lot of beautiful Australian wine and limited international wine. We want wine to be approachable, but recognise that sometimes it isn’t!

All of our beverage menus showcase grouped wines with their like-minded friends to help guide you when dining with us. However, we have a really well-trained team. Ask their advice – they would love to share what they know!

We’d love for you to think about some of these principles when purchasing your next bottle of wine or when dining with us. Cheers!

VIDEO: Watch drinks chats with Mem HERE

Mem Hemmings, Group Beverage Manager