Guest Roast – Old Quarter

This week we are running our third Northern Rivers feature coffee from Old Quarter in Ballina.


Ingredients: Peach, dried apple, caramel, black tea. Origin: Mogok, Myanmar
Origin: Mogok, Myanmar
Roaster: Old Quarter Coffee Merchants
Altitude: 1500-1600m
Processing: Dry fermentation & washes

Every week we change the single origin we serve for our black coffee, keeping things exciting, so you get to try something new. This is the third of our Northern Rivers Roasters feature coffee, supporting our flood affected neighbours.

Named for the rich deposits of ruby gem stones in the nearby hills around Mogok. Ruby Hills is a passion project by three friends driven by sustainability & quality. The onsite training centre supports many women & ethnic minorities, teaching them about organic farming. High altitude, native forest covering and a cool climate, make this region perfect for specialty coffee production.

You can find out more about Old Quarter Coffee HERE