Make sauerkraut with Daz!

How to make sauerkraut with Daz!

You will need:
1 cabbage
Salt (3% of the weight of the sliced cabbage)

How to make:
Pick away the outer leaves of the cabbage & reserve them for later, cut the cabbage into quarters & remove the core, then shred it into thin slices.
Place the cabbage into a large bowl then add the salt.
Using your hands give the veg a really good mix, the trick here is to mix it fairly vigorously so you mix in the salt & slightly break the cells of the cabbage which will release its natural juices.
Leave for 15- 20 minutes for the salt to carry on doing it’s thing!
Grab a clean jar or 2, & give the liquid a little taste, if it tastes a little bland you can add a little more salt.

At this stage you can add other spices to flavour the kraut (roasted coriander, fennel, cumin, juniper, and mustard seeds all work a treat)
Take the veg and stuff it into a glass jar, as you push it in you’ll notice more liquid being released. Fill it all the way to the top ensuring the liquid covers the cabbage.
Now one of the outer leaves from before, fold it up and place it on top, this will hold down the kraut
when you close the lid.
Leave it on a bench (ideally out of the sun to ferment,
during the fermenting process be sure to open the lid every 24 hours to release
the build-up of gas, do this in the sink or outside for the first few days!)

Once you’re happy with the strength of the kraut, pop it in the fridge ready for that next
little snack…!

To watch Daz in action you can check out the video below:



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