Supplier Profile – Oliver’s Hens

‘I believe that sustainable and ethical farming is the future and everything I’ve learned has inspired me to create my own ethical farming enterprise.’

~ Oliver Bora ~

In September 2021, Oliver joined our Farm community with a flock of 1,500 hens and a mission to provide fresh, local, organic, and truly free-range eggs to the local community.

What had started as a school project when he was 17 years old quickly flourished into a very real business with a dedicated stance on sustainable farming practices.


-Each hen has at least 4 square meters of fresh pasture to roam. In conventional “free-range” systems hens are only required to have 1 square meter to move, and there is no requirement for them to have access to the outdoors, many live their whole life in a shed.

-Each hen is fed high-quality organic grain sourced locally from Casino.

-Oliver moves his hens every two weeks to keep them happy and healthy. This regenerative practice allows the grass to regrow and the soil to regenerate.

-Another plus of this method is that the hens will have access to fresh forage, and the eggs have double the Omega 3 than standard cage eggs, making them a lot tastier and better for you!

You can purchase Oliver’s eggs at our Produce Store in Byron or follow Oliver’s journey here: @olivershens

Words: Courtesy of our mates from The Farm