Surrender Single Use Coffee Cups

We have joined an army, and we want to recruit you to join with us! Sustainability, caring about climate change and striving to reduce carbon emissions are deep in the DNA of Three Blue Ducks and at the forefront of all the business decisions we make; a shared ethical ethos is how we choose our suppliers and minimal waste is how we design our menu’s. This passion is why we happily signed up to be a part of our coffee supplier, Single O’s, Carbon Army. They’re striving to prevent the Death of Coffee and calling to arms their partners – us – and our customers – you – to jump on board too and help them fight this good fight. Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day, and we are sabotaging single use! So for your take away coffee on Thursday bring a mug, a keep cup, a tumbler, a hat – whatever you have that isn’t single use plastic for your daily coffee OR use it as an excuse to be 10 minutes late for work and sit in. Enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, relaxing with the perfect cup of coffee. We will be selling discounted Keep Cups all week, and when you purchase a Keep Cup from us the first coffee in it is always free.

If only 50 cafes sabotage single use coffee cups this Thursday, we can remove 10,000 cups from the waste stream in a single day.

Joining Single O’s army is so important because it isn’t just about limiting single-use plastic (which we should all do all the time wherever and whenever we can) it’s about preventing the Death of Coffee. Can you imagine? A world without coffee? Sadly that’s where we’re potentially heading. The Climate Institute is estimating that over 60% of Arabica coffee beans could disappear by 2050. So we need all need to put on our war paint and act now. It all begins this Thursday, with surrendering your single use.

So next time you order your large extra hot flat white… make sure you’re saying ‘in this cup’ to the barista. Join our army and win this war with us.

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