Three Blue Ducks TV Series

We are so excited to share our latest project; Three Blue Ducks the TV show. A new 6 part TV Series every Saturday night from 13th Feb at 7pm on Channel 10. If you missed it, you can view it on catch up via TenPlay. Each episode follows co-owners & head chefs, Mark, Daz & Andy as they forage, fish, farm and dive around NSW for the best produce and then cook it up in the wild. Together they create incredible recipes with the aim to bring them back to the tables at Three Blue Ducks and serve to you!

In episode 1, Andy took the boys back to his home town of Port Stephens on the NSW north coast in a bid to recreate and rejuvenate the traditional, but daggy, Surf ‘n Turf. Watch it now on TenPlay, then book a Three Blue Ducks venue THIS WEEK ONLY to taste this sensational dish for yourself. Below is where and when you can try Andy’s dish;

Bronte; Sunday 14th Feb – Lunch, Monday 15th Feb – Lunch, Tuesday 16th Feb – Lunch, Wednesday 17th Feb – Lunch & Dinner, Thursday 18th Feb- Lunch & Dinner Friday 19th Feb- Lunch & Dinner BOOK NOW

Rosebery; Sunday 14th Feb – Lunch, Wednesday 17th Feb – Lunch & Dinner, Thursday 18th – Lunch & Dinner, Friday 19th – Lunch & Dinner BOOK NOW

Byron; Sunday 14th Feb – Lunch, Monday 15th Feb – Lunch & Dinner, Tuesday 16th – Lunch, Wednesday 17th – Lunch, Thursday 18th – Lunch & Dinner, Friday 19th – Lunch BOOK NOW

Melbourne; Thursday 18th Feb – Lunch & Dinner, Friday 19th Feb – Lunch & Dinner BOOK NOW



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