Zero-Alc beer is now good!

At Three Blue Ducks, what we strive to achieve is pretty simple; people to come together, share great moments and enjoy real food in a pretty special setting. A big part of that is ensuring we cater for all of our guests equally so you don’t need to leave any of your crew behind when you visit us. Got a vegan mate? We have them covered with multiple options on every menu.

Know someone not drinking right now? They aren’t relegated to drinking sweet sugary drinks at the Duck’s! In every venue we have plenty of different options of non-alc beverage’s from Noperol spritz’s to NoGroni’s to Kombucha’s. We also have non-alc beer available everywhere and truly, Sobah ‘Finger Lime Cerveza’ when drunk in the sunshine al fresco, is VERY hard to beat!

The producers we work with put a lot of time, energy and resource into these drinks- they’re no longer considered the poor cousin to the centre stage alcoholic bev’s, but now have a proper seat at the family table and are treated that way. They’re complex and distiller’s and brewer’s utilise ingredients like chilli, citrus or bitter notes to create that ‘bite’ we’re used to in alcoholic drinks.

So don’t feel ‘other’ because you’re not drinking, join in with the rest of ‘em because at the Duck’s we simply won’t let you compromise on taste or experience no matter your MO. займ на карту 100 процентов одобрениязайм на карту с отрицательным балансомзайм онлайн от 20 лет

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