Ducks go surfing at the Mentawai Islands

Surfing, food and zero phone reception. That’s what lured co-owners Chris, Sam and Mark, along with a few more of the Ducks crew, to put the ‘out of office’ on and fly to the Mentawai Islands. They spent two weeks chasing pumping tropical waves and catching fish that they cooked up on the boat.

We fought off some serious jealousy to ask the boys about their top moments from the trip, which might come in handy if you’re ever tempted to add a week of surfing in Indo to your bucket list…



“Rags Right was my favourite place we surfed in the Mentawais. A bunch of us jetted over there from where we were anchored on the little tender to check out the surf. The swell was building but it still looked pretty small, but you could see the potential. And we were the only ones there. We jumped in and paddled out, as the sunset and the swell got bigger it just got better and better. Every wave was take off and see how long you could get barrelled for. Every wave was better than the last, clear skies, Maldivian blue water, and perfect tubes breaking along the edge of a tropical island = paradise. After one of the best waves of your life, on the paddle back out you got to watch your best mates getting the best waves of their lives. We surfed this spot on our own like this for two days.”



“A memorable moment from this trip was an evening session at a well-known right hander in South Sipora. The tide was slowly draining, delivering glassy hollow tubes rifling down the exposed reef. Our senses were heightened and there was an air of pure joy as we had been hooting each other into dreamy perfect pits. A snippet of time with friends that will not soon be forgotten.”



“When we pulled up to Spot X on the first day, I knew we were on for a treat – the captain had more of a focus on the deep ledges and trenches only seen on the depth sounder, rather than what the waves were doing. I could see the excitement on his face as we both realised it was clear deep blue water with over 20m vis. We threw our gear together and jumped on the tender to head over to a deep ledge that dropped off from 4m to 45m. We jumped in to see heaps of surface bait and sea life. I did my breathe-up technique and started a long dive into the blue. When I checked my dive watch, I saw that I was at 28m already – the clear water really got me carried away. Then I saw the shiny silver flash in the distance, I put my head down to make sure not to make eye contact with the hard-fighting Spanish mackerel. He came in for a closer look and my spear shot through just behind the gills. I looked to the surface to see that we had a journey to get back to fresh air, with slow strokes with my fins we made our way back to the surface were I could get a good look at this catch. He was 1m in length and at least 6kg. We all celebrated this fish on the boat for the next two days – Bintangs and ceviche found its way on the menu! Day one and we all definitely felt like the holiday had started.” микрозаймы и займы онлайн без отказа взять займ на 30 днейзайм красноярск без залогаденежный займ улан-удэ

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