Brewery in Focus | Co-Conspirators


After enjoying the success of winning several home brew competitions, Jacqui, Tim, Maggie and Deon were given the exciting opportunity to re-brew their beloved recipes on a commercial scale. After seeing their beers being enjoyed in the hands of the public, there was no turning back, the grain had well and truly been sown! Naturally over a celebratory pint it was decided – Co-Conspirators Brewing Company was formed!

Like all of the beer we sell at Three Blue Ducks, the folks at Co-Conspirators are an independent brewing company. In their words, their journey began by partnering with great brewers across Melbourne, to be able to grow and learn from the extensive craft beer family in Victoria. As you’d suspect, the craft beer loving fraternity is a welcoming one and this unlikely group of four were greeted with open arms and a huge amount of support from every person in the industry they have met along the way.

Much like the Ducks, these humans have a strong affinity and belief in their local community. Wanting to have fun and pay homage to their journey they decided on the name Co-Conspirators. Acknowledging all the conspiring it took to get them here and how they intend to continue to conspire with others to make great beer!

By Mem Hemmings, Beverage Manager