The Juggler Milk System

Treading as lightly as possible on our planet, is a driving force behind the ethos of Three Blue Ducks.

One way we reduce waste is with the use of The Juggler milk systems across our venues. The major environmental benefit of using The Juggler is waste reduction. On average, we produce up to 80% less plastic waste using The Juggler, as bottles are replaced by 10 litre bladders. The precise volumetric dosing dramatically reduces milk wastage in a cafe environment; for every 1Lt of milk processed, 1Kg of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) is generated. The milk also remains cold and fresh, thanks to bottles not sitting out at room temperature.

Our Co-Owner and Head Barista, Chris Sorrell spoke with The Juggler a little while ago, about his passion for the coffee industry and the benefits of The Juggler for Three Blue Ducks. At last count, we’ve saved over 100,000 2L dairy bottles and we’re currently in the process of moving our plant milks to the system! CLICK HERE for the interview with Chris.

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