Local Jilly Wines!


We’re very lucky to have a world class winemaker just down the road from us at the Ducks! Enjoying a layered history of music, travel, and food, Jared’s earlier years informed a passion that has now become the vitality and vibrancy in Jilly Wines. After regional band tours and international travel, Jared returned home to study viticulture and during that time worked closely with Houghton Wines. In conversation and collaboration, he gained a colourful spectrum of experiences and appreciations and continued to enjoy the New England area over time, and so when his family made Clunes NSW home, he gathered his cumulative histories to establish the interesting and experimental splash of Jilly Wines in Northern NSW.


The New England is unlike any other grape growing region in Australia, and much of this is due to the region’s diversity. Ranging from high altitude (1,000m ASL), cool climate vineyards along the spine of the Great Dividing Range, to the lower and warmer sites on the western edges of the New England Tablelands; the region offers up dramatic and unique conditions for viticulture.

Bolivia, NSW – Situated 35km south of Tenterfield, the farm is nestled amongst grazing properties and spectacular granite outcrops of the Bolivia district of Northern NSW. The rich granite soil and cold winters, warm summers and summer rainfall produces a wonderful example of cool climate wines. Jared sends his selection of New England and Country NSW grapes to his home in Clunes in the Northern Rivers, where he produces all his wines! Pop into Byron Bay and try his wines on our menu or pick up a bottle from the takeaway store.

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