Mark makes wild deer salami

Coming up on Friday 19th July, Ducks chef Mark LaBrooy will be heading to the Carriageworks Winter Night Market for a cooking demo close to his heart – how to make wild deer salami.

A passionate subsistence hunter, Mark largely hunts wild animals that are considered pests, such as deer – and everything he hunts, he eats. He wants to make wild food, like venison, more accessible for everyone. “Venison is so nourishing – you have a completely organic, free-range animal eating nothing but wild shrubs and grasses, and eating that right up until the minute it dies,” says Mark, who gifted hundreds of his flavour-filled venison chorizo to dads dining at the Ducks last Father’s Day.

In the lead-up to the wild-inspired Winter Night Market, curated by Biota’s James Viles to celebrate wild, seasonal, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients, we joined Mark in the kitchen to watch him break down a wild shot deer carcass, before turning it into venison salami…

Catch Mark’s venison salami demo on Friday 19th July at Carriageworks – where he’ll also be cooking up a wild goat or dahl curry with naan bread, sambal, raita and chutney. “I’ve chosen to use goat as they are an introduced hoofed animal that cause significant damage to the natural flora of Australia – they literally will eat anything and everything, and with no natural predators except wild dogs, they’re in prolific numbers,” says Mark. “Recently wild or feral goats have been recognised as a valuable resource and greater efforts have been made to round up and harvest these animals rather than shoot them and leave them to rot. They are also delicious eating.”


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