Meet the producer: Provenir

We’re proud of where our produce comes from. And because we think it’s important to know about what’s on your plate, we’re introducing you to some of our favourite local suppliers… like the game-changers at Provenir.


You sit down for dinner at Bronte, and you order the rib eye on the bone. What you can’t know from looking at this tender, juicy piece of steak is that this beef was processed using an Aussie-first mobile abattoir. And the folks behind it – a team including a farmer, a vet and a chef – are Provenir.

This epic team is actively trying to change the way red meat is processed in Australia. “With the launch of our mobile, on-farm processing unit we sought to create change in the industry, a change that values highest animal welfare and does not at any stage compromise food quality,” explains Jayne from Provenir. “We also recognised that our on-farm process offered a real opportunity to capture the true provenance of the meat – connecting people with the food they eat, and also connecting farmers with the people that eat their food.”

Born from a shared concern for animal welfare and a passion for real food, Provenir partners with farmers to purchase and process their cattle on-farm. “The carcass is then transported to our artisan butchery where it is hung and broken-down, with every step along the way focused on maximising quality,” says Jayne. “By processing on-farm we are able to eliminate the stress on animals associated with live transport to processors. In the butchery we use the tender stretch method of hanging, this mimics the natural form of the cattle and has been proven to achieve better quality and more tender cuts of beef.”

Provenir is not breed specific – they process a range of breeds such as Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn, all with fabulous eating qualities. “We want to celebrate this diversity and share the appreciation of different eating qualities of beef,” says Jayne. “People are passionate about meat. Farmers, butchers, chefs and customers alike, all have their favourite cuts, and favourite recipes. As with all food, it’s often the associated memories and stories of spending time with friends and family that go hand in hand with a conversation around cutting, cooking or eating meat. We hear these stories a lot and it fuels our passion and drive to produce the best quality food that we can. Food that honours the animal, the farmer and the people that eat it.”


Provenir’s steak bavette with a stinging nettle salsa verde

“Bavette is the French name for flank steak, meaning ‘bib’. Often referred to as a ‘butcher’s cut’ along with the hanger because butchers would often reserve it for their own eating, rather than selling in the store. Bavette has a large, textured grain and is a highly flavoured cut of beef. Treated with care and resting, this cut will reward you with ease of cooking and wonderful flavour.

At this time of year stinging nettles pop up in the most nutrient rich parts of the paddock, a shallow rooted plant stinging nettles take advantage of areas with easily accessible nutrients and provide a wonderful tasty complement to beef, if you can get past the sting! For those less fortunate than having their own stinging nettle patch, the nettles can be substituted with green herbs such as parsley and basil.”


To cook the steak… 

You’ll need:
– steak bavette
– vegetable oil
– ground pepper
– pinch of salt

1. Remove the bavette from the refrigerator and let come up to ambient temperature
2. Pre-heat your oven to 200 deg c
3. Heat a heavy pan or bbq until very hot. Oil and salt the steak lightly
4. Place in the pan for one to two minutes each side, turning only once, cooking the steak rare to medium.
5. Take off the heat and rest on a warm plate for up to twenty minutes, season lightly with ground pepper.


To cook the stinging nettle salsa verde…

You’ll need:
– 250g nettles, leaves picked, washed, blanched, refreshed in ice water and moisture wrung from leaves.
– 25g capers
– 1 gherkin (around 20g in size)
– ½tsp white wine vinegar
– ½tsp salt
– good pinch of black pepper
– 100–200ml extra virgin olive oil

To make the salsa verde, combine all ingredients, but on 50ml of oil in a blender and combine, pulse the blender while adding the remaining oil until the desired consistency is achieved.


To serve…

Flash the steak in the oven to reheat for one minute before cutting into finger-wide slices, from top to bottom across the grain, just before serving with the stinging nettle salsa verde and some veggies of your choice.


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