The Ducks x Brix Distillers

Every year, Sydney based Brix Distillers collaborate with hospo brands from around the country, to bring their ‘Trail Mix’ small batch rum to life. For this edition, the guys at Brix tapped us on the shoulder to work on a rum that combines our ethos of cooking along with the farm to fork style of ingredients we love in our restaurants. Co-Owners Daz, Marky, Jeff and Memm Hemmings (Bev Manager) caught up with Shane from Brix to chat through this epic collab and finalise this Ducks x BRIX tipple!

We supplied ginger from the Farm, honey from Nimbo & Bronte, coffee from Bronte and spent oranges and kumquats grown in Rosebery. Brix then infused the rum with a spice mix and selected one of their aged barrels of rum, about 2.5 years old to blend with. The barrel previously contained Shiraz from the Hunter Valley, a winemaker we work with in our group. WATCH THIS SPACE!