• sustainability in the food industry

Sustainable Approach to Fish


Dish: Coal Roasted kingfish wing, olive tapenade, taramasalata
Chefs: Head Chef Sam Morton & Chef Jono Lim
Location: Three Blue Ducks, Byron Bay

Sustainability is a critical issue in the food industry today, and at Three Blue Ducks, we take it seriously. One of the ways we prioritise sustainability is by designing dishes that use all parts of the fish, including the wings. By doing so, we minimise waste and ensure that we are using every bit of the fish to create delicious and nutritious meals for our customers.

Fish wings, which are often overlooked or discarded, can be an incredibly flavourful and versatile ingredient. They are rich in collagen and protein and can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups and stews to fried snacks and appetisers. By incorporating fish wings into our menu, we not only reduce waste but also create unique and delicious dishes that showcase the full range of flavours and textures that fish has to offer.

At Three Blue Ducks, we are committed to promoting sustainability in the food industry, and designing dishes that use all parts of the fish is just one of the many ways we are working towards this goal. By prioritising sustainability in our culinary practices, we hope to inspire others in the industry to do the same and create a more sustainable future for our planet

Our new Autumn menus in Byron Bay at The Farm highlight these practices. Our Head Chef Sam Morton and Co-Owner Darren Robertson are constantly searching for the best seasonal and local produce to put on the menu. It also helps that our restaurant is based on an 80-acre working Farm that provides us with fresh meat and vegetables year-round. There is no better time than Autumn to enjoy some incredible seasonal fish on the menu, such as Bonito, Kingfish and Snapper. We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones for a Ducks feast soon!