A trip to Australia's Oyster Coast

Ever sat back, enjoying a freshly shucked oyster, and wondered where this tasty little mollusc came from? Well, last week, Bronte chefs Edmée and Leo went to find out – because they wanted to see how the seafood they plate up in the restaurant is harvested from the water. (We also hear they enjoyed quite a few fresh oysters and a bit of sparkling wine, but all in the name of research…)

Edmée and Leo headed down to Shoalhaven to visit a farm from Australia’s Oyster Coast, a collective of 45 oyster growers who operate across 13 estuaries along the unspoiled East Coast of New South Wales. Suited up in waterproof overalls and jackets, they waded out into the water to watch an oyster collection. “When we were being talked through the process of growing oysters, I learnt that the shape of an oyster shell depends on the way it grows as much as its variety – nature versus nurture!” says Edmée. “In this particular farm, the oyster baskets are flipped every six months, so it gives this recognisable round shape to the Rock oysters.”

Inspired by their trip, the chefs came back to Bronte and promptly put a daily oyster special on the menu. According to Edmée, “Oysters at lunch is like a no-brainer when you’re so close to the ocean. I mean, who’s not up for a dozen oysters and a glass of chardy, overlooking Bronte Beach? We’ve got the chance to have beautiful local oysters grown just three hours down south. That’s what the Ducks is about – giving people the opportunity to taste delicious, local and sustainably farmed products.”

And if you’ve never tried an oyster before, Edmée reckons you might not be able to fully appreciate the subtlety of the taste on your first try (because of the odd texture), but if you keep trying, she’s sure you’ll appreciate the incredible product as much as she does. “It took me years to like oysters and appreciate their taste and texture. They have so much to offer, sweetness, brininess, minerality, creaminess, definitely finesse and complexity. It’s full on!” кредит http://www.otc-certified-store.com/antifungals-medicine-usa.html zp-pdl.com займ под залог авто иркутсклегкий займ красноярскзайм тула

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