Winery of the Week – Bass Phillip

It's not uncommon to find Bass Phillip and “outstanding” in the same sentence in reviews and on social channels. This winery is basically a story of “quality over quantity", meaning low-yield farming. Bass Phillip achieves crop yields of 1 to 1.3 tonnes of grapes per acre (compared to the average in Australia’s wine industry which [...]

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Daz’s Dish – Stracciatella

Daz's Dish - Stracciatella, pickled melon, Davidson plum and fennel crunch Another fresh curd fruit number, a typical TBDS dish. It’s a little nod to our beloved wine bar Oma, where we served melon with Davison plum salt and chilli and had a little stracciatella dish with pickled peaches alongside some cracking natural wines. It’s [...]

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Winery of the Week – Pennyweight

SWEET WINES - THE VERY GOOD KIND. On a hill just outside of the town of Beechworth, VIC sits Pennyweight Winery - a small traditional winery, owned and operated by the 4th and 5th generation winemakers, the Morris family. The name Morris has been synonymous with the wine industry for over 150 years. Elizabeth Morris [...]

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Staff party in Byron!

After a year of ups, downs and uncertainty, last week we were fortunate enough to hold a belated Christmas party for our team in Byron. We spent the arvo playing beach games, did a beach clean up and finished with an epic 80's themed night of live tunes, food and bevvies. It's been a long time since [...]

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Up your egg game!

It’s time to up your egg game...Our good mate Darren 'Daz' Robertson, co-owner of Three Blue Ducks, shows us how to cook the most delicious fried eggs. Quick, easy and guaranteed to become a staple recipe in your breakfast or snack arsenal! INGREDIENTS: -3 eggs -1 spoon ghee -1 pinch chili salt -1 good pinch [...]

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Take Home Byron Meals

Straight from our saucepans and onto your dinner plate! Our kitchen team in Byron put a lot of love into our range of take home meals, which are made daily at the Ducks. On the menu: -Harissa spiced lamb & chickpeas -Thai green farm curry -I can't believe it's not 'butter chicken' -Moroccan meatballs Drop [...]

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Weekender TV in Byron!

We were blessed with sunny skies this morning in Byron, as our good mate and co-owner of Three Blue Ducks, Darren Robertson took the crew from Weekender TV on a tour of The Farm grounds and picked some ingredients to cook something delicious for our guests. With the outdoor grill fired up, Daz got to [...]

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The Ducks X Church Farm Soap

Ever wondered about our spent grain coffee soap situ? Well, let us explain the journey of our full circle coffee beans, and our pretty cool collaboration with @churchfarmgeneralstore. STEP 1: we order a truckload of Killerbee coffee beans from our mates @single_o STEP 2: we use those beans and make bloody delicious coffee for our [...]

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The Juggler Milk System

Treading as lightly as possible on our planet, is a driving force behind the ethos of Three Blue Ducks. One way we reduce waste is with the use of The Juggler milk systems across our venues. The major environmental benefit of using The Juggler is waste reduction. On average, we produce up to 80% less [...]

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Pack even more flavour into your home cooking with these Ducks cooking essentials! The flavour box includes: Chilli salt 150g Rosemary salt 150g Dukkah 150g Peri peri seasoning 150g The Flavour Box is the perfect Christmas present for your food loving friends and family! Chefs and Co-owners of Three Blue Ducks, Andy Allen, Darren Robertson [...]

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