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Face Mask Respirator you are satisfied.Yes, quite Face Mask Respirator good Ye Han s face is full of smiles. Sending him a 30 million dollar martial art, it is exactly what he desperately needs, giving him a feeling of more than 50 million points of merit, but the treasure he can not use makes him feel precious.Seeing the face of Ye Han s love, Niu Shan smiled with satisfaction.Ye Han turned his head and looked at the solitary, saying The owner of the solitary city, I think your handwriting sh.ould not be worse than the battle hall. Niu Shan couldn t help but watch the singularly look.What makes him amazed is that when he looked at the solitary and wanted to see the jokes of the foggy city, he was so open.Duo said with a sigh of relief I thought that you Face Mask Respirator will send out a terrific gift at the battle Face Mask Respirator hall.Now it seems that the handwriting is just like that.Niu Shan is trying to ask the other person why he said this.Dangdang Face Mask Respirator A metal shield of the size of a disc was taken out by him and appeared in front of everyone.Actually just took out a broken shield When the Niushan brought the battle hall, when he Face Mask Respirator saw this Face Mask Respirator scene, he laughed directly

.What, even took out a piece of tattered Oh, I can t think of it, the foggy Face Mask Respirator city has become so poor now.Hahaha, if you smash a piece of ruin, you want to fool Face Mask Respirator the 13th prince and it s too funny.However, soon Face Mask Respirator their laughter was stunned. Because, Face Mask Respirator they found that all the people behind him were looking purple dinosaur oxygen mask respirator at them with a Face Mask Respirator look like an idiot.Niu Shan did not laugh at the target respirator mask moment, and his face gradually became serious.They followed Niu Shan s gaze and looked at the how to remove face mask worn shield.Only then did they find that the black shield Face Mask Respirator on the whole body was faintly chilling.This chill was Face Mask Respirator not n95 filter6001cn very strong, but they had at least reached the level of the ancest.ry. The strong people feel a little cold.In addition, on this piece of cold iron, there is still a singular singularity n95 masks in fremont ca of this thunder, and a weak thunder flashes in it.Niu Shan stared at the shield tightly, and after repeated identification, he only spit out a few words in his mouth Thundering Cold Iron Oh, I didn t expect you to recognize such a treasure.A woman alone couldn t help but laugh. Yang Qian and others brought by Niu Shan, when they heard this, they t

Face Mask Respirator

ook a sigh of relief and understood why Niu Shan was so serious.Thundering cold iron, another four metal material, belonging to the water, Lei double system, Face Mask Respirator on the precious degree, even above the Fenghuo Xuanjin What is even more commendable is that this piece of cold iron has undergone preliminary forging, and all kinds of impurities have been removed to make such a shield.Really want to refine, Ye Han definitely has a lot Face Mask Respirator Face Mask Respirator of work left.I was so unconcerned but I was too lazy to care about Niu Shan.I just turned to look at Ye Han and asked You can be satisfied with this gift from the city owner.Satisfied, of Face Mask Respirator course satisfied When Ye Han said, he suddenly waved his hand, and even directly put the wind and Face Mask Respirator fire on the ground, and the thunder and cold iron.Later, he said to Niu Shan and Du Guwu Thank you for the gift.of the two gifts. His face was full of smiles.He couldn t think of the battle Face Mask Respirator hall and the foggy city.He even helped him solve the main Face Mask Respirator material problem of the two weapons.Now, with the help of various materials he collected from Fang Tianxiao, Especially the fine air and fine water

, it can be said that the materials of the Face Mask Respirator how to color respirator filters two weapons that he wants to refine are basically seven or eighty eight.Niu Shan and Du Gu Wu did not Face Mask Respirator feel a bit right. This rhythm seems wrong.Although Ye Han thanked him, but later they took out these two gifts, but they just wanted to let Ye Han thank them.Niu Shan lightly coughed and gave a voice to Yang Qian, indicating that he would open his mouth.Yang Qian quickly said His Royal Face Mask Respirator Highness, since you are sincere about Face Mask Respirator our easy home face masks battle hall, don t know our two warlords Oh, the two of them are now under my Face Mask Respirator hospitality, eating well and sleeping very well, don t want to go.Ye Han answered. Niu Shan, Yang Qian and others Fortunately, Ye Han did not let them embarrassed, and then added But you can rest assured that when my two rust i saw a weird mask with sparklers and a respirator on it weapons are forged, even if they don t want to coronavirus rash leave, I will drive them away.Niu Shan, they were relieved. On the other hand, I heard the answer from Ye Han, and I felt even worse.He Face Mask Respirator immediately gave a look to a man next to him. The man qu.ickly said japanese person who makes masks out of your dogs face to Ye Han His thirteen, you have Face Mask Respirator received the gift of our city owner, then whethe