Cook Live with Andy, Mark & Daz

The Ducks have partnered with Tourism Australia for their 'Live from Aus' program of virtual events. Join Andy, Mark and Daz on Sunday 17 May at 10am as they cook up three epic brunch dishes live on the Tourism Australia's Facebook page. If you want to cook along, we've linked the recipes below. See you [...]

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Mark's fishing and food highlights from the Maldives

If you're wondering what our mate Mark LaBrooy looks like when he's in his element, it's this: barefoot on the back of a boat, in the middle of the Maldives, reeling in a jobfish. Mark travelled to the island paradise to bring a bit of The Ducks laidback flavour to the luxe W Maldives – [...]

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Meet our coffee supplier: Single O

Waaaaay back in the day (like, all the way the back to 2010, when the boys opened the OG Ducks in Bronte), we partnered up with a coffee roaster Single O. The founders Dion and Emma were our kind of people – passionate about their product and committed to running an ethical, sustainable business. Nine [...]

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Island takeover: Daz's lobster with charred greens and XO butter

If you've been just a bit jealous of all the seafood Darren Robertson cooked up for his recent Ducks Island Takeover at W Bali - Seminyak – well, let's just say, you're not the only one... As soon as he landed back in Byron from his trip to Indo, we shook Daz down for his [...]

Island takeover: Daz's lobster with charred greens and XO butter2021-01-02T13:53:59+00:00

The 3 best things Daz ate in Bali

Flying to Bali to takeover the kitchen at W Bali - Seminyak's beachside Starfish Bloo... it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. So, we sent chef Darren Robertson over to plate up a Ducks-style menu of locally-sourced seafood, including Pacific Coast oysters, Indonesian swordfish and lobster. He's definitely had worse days in the [...]

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Ducks go surfing at the Mentawai Islands

Surfing, food and zero phone reception. That's what lured co-owners Chris, Sam and Mark, along with a few more of the Ducks crew, to put the 'out of office' on and fly to the Mentawai Islands. They spent two weeks chasing pumping tropical waves and catching fish that they cooked up on the boat. We [...]

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What to cook with our Ducks' products

We've been busy making lots of fresh products lately – from chilli salts and sriracha to breakfast jam and granola, all the delicious condiments on our restaurant shelves are made by our chefs in the kitchen and packaged by hand in our venues. But if you're ever thinking 'Mmm, Ducks Curry Paste... what should I [...]

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Meet the producer: Provenir

We're proud of where our produce comes from. And because we think it's important to know about what's on your plate, we're introducing you to some of our favourite local suppliers… like the game-changers at Provenir.   You sit down for dinner at Bronte, and you order the rib eye on the bone. What you [...]

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Three Blue Ducks island takeover

From Three Blue Ducks Brisbane to Bali and the Maldives, chefs Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy are taking the flavours of the Ducks to the island kitchens of W Bali – Seminyak and W Maldives. For one night only on August 30th, Darren will take the helm of the Starfish Bloo kitchen at W Bali [...]

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Darren's tips for cooking with kids

The annual Day of Dads is coming up this September 1st (don't forget or he'll never let you live it down!), so to celebrate, we asked Ducks chef and proud dad Darren Robertson all about cooking with his cute-as little munchkins, Archie and Charlie. "As a way of entertaining the little ones and to prolong [...]

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