What to cook with our Ducks' products

We've been busy making lots of fresh products lately – from chilli salts and sriracha to breakfast jam and granola, all the delicious condiments on our restaurant shelves are made by our chefs in the kitchen and packaged by hand in our venues. But if you're ever thinking 'Mmm, Ducks Curry Paste... what should I [...]

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Meet the producer: Provenir

We're proud of where our produce comes from. And because we think it's important to know about what's on your plate, we're introducing you to some of our favourite local suppliers… like the game-changers at Provenir.   You sit down for dinner at Bronte, and you order the rib eye on the bone. What you [...]

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Three Blue Ducks island takeover

From Three Blue Ducks Brisbane to Bali and the Maldives, chefs Darren Robertson and Mark LaBrooy are taking the flavours of the Ducks to the island kitchens of W Bali – Seminyak and W Maldives. For one night only on August 30th, Darren will take the helm of the Starfish Bloo kitchen at W Bali [...]

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Darren's tips for cooking with kids

The annual Day of Dads is coming up this September 1st (don't forget or he'll never let you live it down!), so to celebrate, we asked Ducks chef and proud dad Darren Robertson all about cooking with his cute-as little munchkins, Archie and Charlie. "As a way of entertaining the little ones and to prolong [...]

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Meet the producer: Tintenbar Distillery

Want to know where the produce we use comes from? In this series of ‘Meet the Producer’ posts, we’ll introduce you to some of our favourite local suppliers… Plus, we’ll be showcasing Tintenbar Distillery at our upcoming Producer’s Plate dinner on Friday 16th August. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.   Ask Rob and Bek what they [...]

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Mark makes wild deer salami

Coming up on Friday 19th July, Ducks chef Mark LaBrooy will be heading to the Carriageworks Winter Night Market for a cooking demo close to his heart – how to make wild deer salami. A passionate subsistence hunter, Mark largely hunts wild animals that are considered pests, such as deer – and everything he hunts, he eats. [...]

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New aprons for little ducklings!

If you've got a mini sous chef, who likes to help out in the kitchen, they're gonna need their own Ducks apron. That's why we teamed up with our talented friends at Mopchook Makes Byron Bay, to create a new collection of aprons, designed just for kiddos. Each one is handmade from organic linen, with a handy [...]

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Mark's cooking up crayfish – and showing us how it's done

Owner and head chef Mark LaBrooy recently headed down south to the Flinders Island Food and Crayfish Festival to cook up a seafood feast, that now you can make at home... Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited back to one of my favourite places in the world... Flinders Island. This small island [...]

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Andy cooks up ceviche from his trip to Peru

What do you get when you send Three Blue Ducks chef, Andy Allen, to Peru? A banging new recipe for ceviche that you can make at home...  It was obvious in my recent trip to Peru, that ceviche was their national dish. Not only is it on EVERY menu, but it's bloody delicious. The thing that [...]

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Pine mushrooms: From the forest to your plate

When it comes to sourcing produce, there's nothing quite like the practice of gathering wild food. This month, Ducks trio, Andy Allen, Darren Robertson and Mark La Brooy joined fellow chef James Viles, and headed down south into pine forest country to forage for wild pine mushrooms. What they came back with was a very impressive [...]

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